Gillian Banks

Oct 2015

Gillian BanksImage source: Gillian Banks

Gillian Ellett Banks

Gillian trained as an art teacher at Prahran Tech, RMIT and Melbourne University, after matriculating in her home state of Victoria. later adding a Fine Arts Degree (Deakin University).

Married to Ian and with four children, Gillian has lived in the Northern Territory since 1968, where the unique landscapes, range of climate and challenging light quality has produced the perfect landscape painters milieu.

Gillian has worked over forty years in the Katherine community as a painter, teacher, tutor and mentor, establishing the Katherine Museum, two National Trust properties, the Loose Group of Artists; running artists camps, the Katherine Craft group, Arts Katherine, K Show Society, serving on the board of MAGNT and as President of the N Trust and currently on the board of GYRACC, NTs Arts Panels and a N Trust Councilor.

After majoring in ceramics, Gillian now paints large to tiny scale water colours and gauache on paper, oils on stretched canvas and occasionally acrylics. A robust painting style, working quickly and often delicately on many works in the studio at once to create spontaneous work which appears often to be devoid of detail, where brush strokes and paint placement tell the story. Hot and humid atmosphere that seems to weigh as heavily as rock escarpment while in the heat shimmer, rock appears to float.

The result is a visual record as well as a strong emotional response to the landscape.

Gillian’s paintings have been represented in exhibitions spanning some thirty years in the Territory, Interstate and Internationally.

Gillian is leaving the Territory at the end of the year. We would like to thank her for her tireless contribution to the community, for enriching the lives of many. All the very best to you Gillian, you will be greatly missed!