Junkadelic Brass Band

Jun 2014

Junkadelic Brass Band2014s head line act for Salvage Katherine | Regional Festival of Junk Arts, is none other than the highly energetic and diverse Junkadelic Brass Band. Junkadelic, consisting of a ‘recycled’ percussion section backed by a brass band ensemble; tuba, trombone, trumpet and saxophone.

Accomplished musicians and entertainers, the Junkadelic Brass Band hails from the city of Perth, and are here as our VIP Performers for the much anticipated Salvage Katherine | Regional Festival of Junk Arts. Junkadelic are going to share their unique and eclectic sweet melodic sound, which is a blend of street rhythms, Jazz – New Orleans style, funk groves, hip-hop, dashed with a Latin flavour and infused with a 1960s, 1970s influence.

The big band stage performance features ‘soul diva’ Randa K, a pocket rocket vocalist who has the ability to knock you sideways! The Junkadelic Brass Band possesses a natural vibrancy, an exuberance which transfers so well to the audience. You will have no choice other than to join in; such is the sweet all-embracing seduction of their music and performance!

Katherine you are in for a treat.

As part of Salvage Katherine | Regional Festival of Junk Arts, Junkadelic will be holding Junk Jam Workshops, attending the Official Opening of the Tip Off Sculpture Challenge and performing at the Junk Glamour Ball.

For more information phone 89710928 | development@katherineregionalarts.org.au