K Town Up and Coming Talent

Mar 2015

K Town Up and Coming Talent


Here at KRA headquarters we thought it was high time we dedicated this space to all the amazing young people in the Katherine region who love music and can play an instrument, or sing a tune or two.

Jam Night has provided a much needed platform for these young folk to get up and give it a go with a backing band, or without – it’s their call. It is beautiful, and I know that sounds drippy, but it is beautiful to watch the transformation in these young people from when they first step up to the end of their number. You can’t help but notice the joy and exhilaration written all over their faces. Each time they get up they gain just a little more confidence; slowly learning to relax and get into the groove. As a spectator with absolutely no musical ability, it is a sight to behold. Here at KRA headquarters, we get such a huge kick out of seeing these kids grow. And let’s face it, that ounce of confidence gained helps them travel through all areas of their young lives.

Katherine has an eye opening, incredible pool of talent, and Jam Night is all about seeing more of these great young people coming out of the woodwork to share their musical ability with those of us less talented. Okay┬áseriously. We all need to recognise, encourage and nurture musical ability in our young folk. Music has a magical quality; the ability to transcend time and place to bring all sorts of people together …. how wonderful is that?!?

And if you do happen to know one of these kids, tell them to come along to Jam, we really want to see them, or more to the point HEAR THEM!