Lyn Ainsley

Jan 2014

Lyn Ainslie has lived in the Territory since 2002, working as an artist and art teacher, sharing her passion and skills in drawing, painting and printmaking. Lyn has held solo exhibitions in Australia and the United Kingdom, she won the Pine Creek Inaugural Acquisition Art Prize in 2007 and has illustrated two NT children’s books since being a member of our arts community.

“Drawing is of primary importance to me. I was lucky enough to enjoy hours of life drawing classes, and sculpture from the life model, in art school, for it was recognized as all important and rightly so. Figure drawing has strength of purpose and mystery all of its own that has reigned eternal. My bibles are The Natural Way to Draw, Kimon Nicolaides and, the old favourite, Betty Edwards Drawing on the Right side of the Brain, now skillfully revised. I have been lucky to have fabulous art teachers and supervisors, who write to share their wisdom, Bernard Dunstan and Diana Armfield, and Robert Nelson, my supervisor at Monash, who has always enthusiastically supported and promoted the importance of drawing. The old masters, Rembrandt, Durer, Leonardo etc teach us everything.”

Lyn Ainslie will feature in the Katherine Regional Arts Local Artist Workshop Series 2014.  Lyn will run a workshop for Life Drawing from the Model on the 22nd of February.

“Life drawing from the figure offers an opportunity for all artists at any level of ability to develop or hone skills of observation, as an exercise in itself or as a prelude to painting.
Using charcoal, chalk, pencil and inks a series of traditional Art studio techniques will be offered as a suggestion of how to proceed, or alternatively, artists may choose to follow their own way of working, allowing for an appropriate time frame of poses.  Either way life drawing is an invaluable way to  experiment, focus and develop drawing skills.”