Manuel Pamkal

Sep 2013

Manuel PimkalHis father taught him the traditional way of bark painting; how to harvest and burn the stringy bark, how to straighten it with cross sticks and how to make it ready for painting. He also taught Manuel how to find and use traditional pigment from the bush: white clay (bim); red ochre (marnarr); yellow ochre (gilidih), and black charcoal (jardij).

 Today, Manuel is teaching his skills to others and telling his father’s stories to his sons and nephews because he believes strongly that culture must be kept alive and passed on to future generations. Manuel’s work is in high demand and he is frequently petitioned for special commission pieces. 
Manuel won first prize at Barunga Festival Art Exhibition twice; in 1986 and 1988. In 2000 one of his paintings was included in the Telstra National ATSI Art Awards in Darwin. This painting was recognised with an honorable mention and purchased by a collector from Melbourne. In 2001 he sold a large canvas to the Gallery of Aboriginal Artists of Australia in Newcastle, NSW.  Manuel has served frequently on the Manyallaluk Community Council, including several terms as president.
In 2011 Manuel received an award for his contribution to the Tourism Industry for his excellent work as head guide at Top Didj Cultural Experience.

Manuel has kindly agreed to deliver a workshop next year as part of KRA’s 2014 monthly Katherine Artists Workshop series.

Stay tuned to the KRA newsletter for further details.