Serena Pech

Dec 2014

Serena Pech

I think everyone in Katherine holds a soft spot for our very own Serena Pech. With her endearing nature and gorgeous smile that easily lights up a room, how could you not. Singer and songwriter Serena knows how to woo a crowd with ease, and certainly once you catch her voice, which has been described as impressive, sassy, angelic, soulful; it is difficult not to be enchanted. What adds to this is Serena’s ability to pen a song. Serena certainly knows how to capture meaning and feeling in her music, with the unique ability to let her true, quirky self shine through. And we haven’t even touched upon her ability to play an instrument! And play beautifully Serena does.

Career highlights to date. Performing at the NT Song of the Year Awards night for MusicNT (2014). Being a NT Song of the Year 2013 Finalist. Performing at the Darwin Festival (2014) with Sietta and Joelistics, also with Dave Spry and the Harmony Birds. Supporting Sietta at the Darwin Railway Club (2014), and supporting Dave Garnham at the Katherine Country Club (2013). And the list doesn’t end here!

All this candor, talent and ability rolled up into nineteen years. Songwriting since the age of twelve, influenced by the isolation of Katherine, Serena has unintentionally yet wondrously developed the great gift of uniquity.

Currently working on her debut EP, recording in Melbourne with James Mangohig (Sietta), we can see it is only a matter of time. We wish Serena all the very best.

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