Treat Yo’ Self to a Studio Membership This Christmas

JW christmas edition
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What better gift is there than a 12 month membership at the Katherine Regional Arts' Community Studio?!


“Why” you may ask?

Not only are you supporting your local community arts organisation to keep it’s doors open for the community to use, but you are also opening a world of creativity and fun for yourself (or a very lucky recipient)!

Buying yourself, or a loved one, a Studio Membership gives that person free access to the Katherine Regional Arts Open Studio Session every fortnight (saving $10 each time). It also gives members a 20% discount on studio workshops such as life drawing, ceramics and print-making classes held throughout the year. Members ALSO get a 40% discount on kiln firings and access to user-pays bulk art materials!

“But I’m no artist and I suck at art!” you may say.

That doesn’t matter! Workshops and Open Studio’s are a fun, non-judgmental place to just have a go.

Community Arts is about giving people who aren’t artists, the opportunity to make art and get creative in a safe and fun environment. Your membership helps Katherine Regional Arts to keep it’s Studio program happenin’ and offer as many creative opportunities to the town of Katherine as possible!

Just look at how much fun these people are having!

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